Eagle Takes Flight

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Eagle Takes Flight is a 4-mission campaign originally created for FS1 by Robert Carroll. The storyline centers around Alpha 1 and an associate who start their own security firm, building up their organization from humble beginnings. It has also been optimized for the FreeSpace Port.

It is notable for being one of the few campaigns to include multiple docking, albeit only through the use of text editing, long before the implementation of the feature by the Source Code Project.

An extended and updated version was in the works by Mad Bomber, but appears to have been canceled.


Author: Robert Carroll

Mods: Several table hacks, a retexture, a couple of new .ani's

Missions: 4


Just released from GTA service due to budget cuts, you and a friend strike out on your own to earn a living. Eagle Security Services Inc. is born and it's going to take a skilled pilot to make your company a success!



The restored version of this campaign is also available, courtesy of Admiral Nelson