Echo Gate

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Echo Gate is a campaign released by Blaise Russel that features the GTA's clean-up operations of the Shivans. It can be considered part of the Silent Threat: Reborn continuity.


Status: Released

Release Date: January 28, 2007

Mods Required: FSOpen, FSPort, and Lightspeed's Background Nebulas


Blaise Russel - Author

Darkblade - Voice Actor

neoterran - Voice Actor

freespacegundam - Voice Actor

Nix - Voice Actor

Getter Robo G - Voice Actor

Cobra - Voice Actor

Campaign Description

Shortly after the destruction of the Lucifer, the GTD Minnow is dispatched to Beta Cygni to clear up a lingering Shivan presence



  • Contains four music files from Anachronox
  • Part of the "Shivan" release along with Phantoms
  • Fully voice acted

Player Comments

It has its good surprises. As with all Blaise Russel campaigns, the story is very good and has well thought turnarounds. Unfortunately, however, the campaign is a bit short.

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