Esta Tierra es Nuestra

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The following information refers to the Solaris universe and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace continuity.

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Solaris Campaign Black Sun - Mission 11: Esta Tierra es Nuestra

System: Jehor

Description: The Hegemony launches an operation to end the war. Gadaria unveils his new weapon.

Created: June 19th, 2021

Released: October 9th, 2021


The Sulsian Hegemony is on the back foot. Nearly half of Sulsian space has been taken by Gadaria's militia, and the Sulsian Navy is reeling from devastating hit and run attacks. Admiral Bertini sees an opportunity to end the war swiftly by decapitating the Malikan leadership: Gadaria has left the front lines for Jotram Station, the birthplace of his Militia. The Hoshikuzu and Nassau are contracted to provide support for the attack, along with strike wings from Hopewell.

Katherine Lai gladly accepts the contract, wanting payback for the Veil attack. This time, she expects the outcome to be different. The Hoshikuzu is no longer an armed transport, but a warship in her own right.


Recommended loadout: Comet-class gunship, Vulcan, Sparrow AAM.

Loadout choices are two Comet missile craft in Alfa wing by default, four Warden defenders in Bravo wing, with two more in reserve, two Tor bombers in Charlie wing by default with two more in reserve, and two Vulture striker-interceptors in reserve. Weapon loadout options are similar to previous missions. Wingmen loadout is also customisable.

Hopewell, Pollux Arrow and the support ship Palos lie in the sensor shadow of a large asteroid, with Protogeneia, Hoshikuzu and Nassau further ahead. As Alfa wing launches, Protogeneia reports combat readiness. Bertini authorises the commencement of the operation and the three warships move out to Jotram. Meiks wonders what the rush is, and whether the Sulsians should instead wait for Cleghorn and his battlegroup to arrive. One of the Sulsian locals in Bravo wing chides him, saying this is the best opportunity to end the war here and now.

Two Malikan cruisers appear on sensors and launch fighter wings. Shortly after, eight kamikaze drones carrying mines are detected on a course to the Hoshikuzu. The battle is joined.

The mine drones are a significant threat to the Hoshikuzu and should be prioritised. A Comet gunship with AAMs will be able to engage them at longer ranges as the drones don't have countermeasures. Launching missiles while in front of the drones will have a good chance of hitting the mines, destroying the drone in a single missile hit. Cycling through the drones and launching a single missile at each one is an effective way to neutralise them, with the player able to finish off survivors with Vulcan fire.

The Mace fighters can be ignored as low priority targets but the escorting Armadillo gunships will engage if the drones come under threat. When engaging the drones the player should order wingman cover to divert incoming fire. Once the drones are eliminated the gunships can be easily dispatched by Vulcan cannons.

Once the kamikaze threat is clear, engage the Malikan fighters. As the warships close on each other, a missile duel develops. Swarms of missiles fly between the two sides, and the player is encouraged to intercept as many incoming Javelins as possible.

Two wings of Jackal gunships are launched, targeting the Nassau. The damage potential of these gunships is enough that they shouldn't be ignored, but they're slow enough that the player has enough time to engage and destroy both wings without too much urgency.

Shortly after, a radiological warning sounds. An ASM platform near Jotram has launched Eos missiles, to the disbelief of Bertini. These missiles are the direst threat to friendly warships and must be prioritised. However, the player risks point defense and missile fire from the Malikan ships if they stray too close.

The range closes to point blank and warships on both sides take heavy damage. Taking out the dorsal CIWS turrets on the cruisers will maximise damage from friendly ASMs. The smaller corvettes can be focused one at a time by AI wingmen.

The Protogeneia eventually approaches within ASM range of Jotram Station. Bertini orders the flotilla to clear out the platform defenses in preparation for a boarding operation. However a massive power signature is detected on the far side of the station. A capital-sized warship powers up and undocks from Jotram: this is Gadaria's new carrier Tower of Dawn, larger even than the Protogeneia.

Hoshikuzu and Nassau pursue the Tower of Dawn. A new class of heavy bomber is launched from the carrier, which are confirmed to carry nuclear warheads. A frantic defense against this new threat ensues as Gadaria prepares his carrier for warpout.

The Tower of Dawn escapes the field and an angry Bertini orders the flotilla to clean up and prepare for a troop assault on the station.

Ross and Meiks comment that Bertini is likely to take out his anger on the station inhabitants for letting Gadaria escape. Both dislike the concept but there's little they can do about it.

Notable ships present

  • Hoshikuzu - Hoshikuzu-class corvette refit
  • Nassau - Horizon-class destroyer
  • Hopewell - Argus-class carrier

  • Protogeneia - Impetus-class battlecruiser
  • Palos - Fortitude-class auxiliary

  • Tower of Dawn - Polaris-class carrier
  • Yama - Goliath-class cruiser
  • Virago - Goliath-class cruiser


  • Sulsian victory.
  • Gadaria escapes on board Tower of Dawn
  • Jotram Station is occupied by Sulsian forces.


  • There are multiple bonus objectives:
    • Clearing the suicide drones without the Hoshikuzu taking damage
    • Scanning one of the suicide drones
    • Keeping the Protogeneia's hull above 95% in the initial approach to Jotram
    • Taking out the Malikan cruisers and their escorts before the Protogeneia getting into missile range of Jotram
  • Though the Tower of Dawn's air wing carries nuclear weapons, the ASM launchers on the carrier fire conventional Javelin ASMs.
  • The suicide drones in this battle carry significantly more explosive power than those at the Rubedo refinery.
  • The Tower of Dawn's hull can be seen at Overton Orbital as a large hulk in the scrap field. Lau presumes this was the ship now used as Gadaria's flagship.