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FreeSpace 2 Data Installation

Users who find themselves without an installed VP set may find this guide useful. This is a list of all the files I have installed on my working, fancy version of FreeSpace 2. It describes a full installation with speech and (almost) videos, and also all the mainstream visual mods and upgrades and the FreeSpace 1 port.

Original Volition VPs

These VPs are all found on the install CDs exceptRoot_fs2.vp which comes from the 1.2 upgrade pack. Some of them are found in data1.cab on install CD1 which can be opened with the unshield command. I am not sure if it is necessary or not to upgrade Root_fs2. --pvh

  • Root_fs2.vp -- upgraded to 1.20
  • smarty_fs2.vp
  • sparky_fs2.vp
  • sparky_hi_fs2.vp
  • stu_fs2.vp
  • tango1_fs2.vp
  • tango2_fs2.vp
  • tango3_fs2.vp
  • tangoA_fs2.vp
  • tangoB_fs2.vp
  • warble_fs2.vp

MVE files (Reported to be incompatible with Linux)


SCP upgrade files

Download these from the SCP site.

  • mv_100patch.vp
  • mv_core.vp
  • mv_effects.vp
  • mv_models.vp
  • mv_music.vp
  • mv_textures.vp

FreeSpace 1 Port VPs

Put these under a directory "fs1" and start FreeSpace with the added "-mod fs1", or just leave them in the root directory, which seems to work for me.

  • fsport2_3.vp
  • fsport_hi-res.vp
  • sparky_hi_fs1.vp
  • stu_fs1.vp
  • tango_fs1.vp