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All information related to the FTCa Eltreum is non-canon.
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The Eltreum-class Artillery Cruiser


Tech Room Description

The next-generation heavy artillery cruiser slated to eventually replace the Tethys in the Commonwealth's main combat lines, the Eltreum class is built with the lessons learned from Tethys losses in mind. While constructed using an entirely different base hull, the Eltreum retains a long-range strike option in the form of a spinal artillery cannon mount, while maintaining effective all-aspect coverage with an array of missile batteries equipped with next-generation Cometfall MIRVs. The Eltreum is designed to reduce the cost of deployment for the VR-34cx 'Crucius Terminus' by utilising a dedicated weapon system to eliminate the need for expensive shielded shells to load into a standard Crucio system, instead feeding the requisite portions directly from a single onboard containment vessel.


  • Model by AndrewofDoom
  • Textures by Droid803

Developer Notes

Design from Top wo Nerae - Gunbuster


Type Artillery Cruiser
Max Velocity 166.0 mps
Hitpoints 25000
Shields 20000
Length 2159m


Dimensional Eclipse
Turret Type Amount
FT SP Railgun 1
FTC Variant 3
MIRV-S021 Cometfall 8
FTC Standard Flak 1
FTC Plasma Turret 22

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