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All information related to the FTCv Sopheram is non-canon.
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The Sopheram-class Carrier


Tech Room Description

While the Euryphaessa-class battlecarriers finally gave the Commonwealth a tool capable of confronting the Exarchy's Emperor-class Assault Carriers head on, their complex construction presented numerous issues. Considered revolutionary when first conceptualized, by the time the first ship of the Euryphaessa-class was finally completed, its armor layout and power grid amongst other systems were already considered archaic, being incapable of supporting a strong shielding system, and impossible to modernize. FedCom thus sought a new design which could be constructed rapidly to replace inevitable losses, and to bolster numbers for added flexibility against the numerically-superior Exarchy. The solution was the Sopheram-class carrier - a smaller design that sacrifices direct-combat capability for ease of construction but retains characteristics desirable in a carrier. The Sopheram features dual-purpose catapult/launchers which can rapidly deploy strikecraft or load torpedoes for anti-warship/installation capability, and a full-length flight deck for aerospace operations.


  • Model and Textures by Droid803

Developer Notes

Forward missile tubes also have bay paths to launch fighters from. This is what is referenced to in the tech description.


Type Carrier
Max Velocity 188.0 mps
Hitpoints 31000
Shields 31000
Length 1998m


Dimensional Eclipse
Turret Type Amount
FTC Variant 14
MIRV-S021 Cometfall 8
FTC Plasma Turret 13

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