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All information related to the FTDS Baikal is non-canon.
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The Baikal-class Heavy Destroyer
UGC Rhino


FTDS Baikal Tech Room Description

The Baikal-class High-Speed Heavy Destroyer is a warship intended to serve as a next-generation systems patrol vessel. A versatile design inspired by the Orichalcum-class escort carrier, the Baikal incorporates a well-rounded array of weapons as well as a strikecraft hangar, allowing the Baikal to perform swift and effective enforcement of Commonwealth power. While not expressly intended for frontline action against Exarchy warships, reflected in its average point defenses and armor, the Baikal-class's low-power quad 'Siegfried' Mega Particle Cannon mount gives it tremendous firepower for its size, allowing it to serve as fire support in a pinch.

UGC Rhino Tech Room Description

The Rhino is a multi purpose cruiser size ship with a vast variety of weaponry and a medium sized hangar bay. The UGC relies heavily on this ship class.


  • Model by Arvis Taljik
  • Textures by Droid803

Developer Notes

Design from Gundam 00.


  • FTDS Baikal
Type Heavy Destroyer
Max Velocity 180.0 mps
Hitpoints 8500
Shields 6500
Length 909m

  • UGC Rhino
Name UGC Rhino
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 90 - 90 - 90 s
Max Velocity 45 (45) ms-1
Hitpoints 8000 pts
Shields 3000 pts
Length 908.56 m
Width 171.73 m
Height 193.51 m
Turrets 29 turrets
Fighterbays 3


  • FTDS Baikal
Dimensional Eclipse
Turret Type Amount
HA Railgun 1
FTC Plasma Turret 15
M-3A Strelka 10
M-6G Valkyria 6

  • UGC Rhino
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Type-3100 Neutron Beam 3
Type-125 125mm VLS 16
Type-31 Neutron FLAK 10

Modding Resources

$POF File: UGC_Rhino.pof
Texture list: UGC_Rhino;UGC_RhinoTurr;damage
$POF File: ContraRhino.pof
Texture list: Contravention;ContraTurr;damage


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