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	Fire a beam weapon from a specified subsystem
	1:	Ship which will be firing
	2:	Turret which will fire the beam (note, this turret must have at least 1 beam  weapon on it)
	3:	Ship which will be targeted
Use add-data to add a specific subsystem to target on the specified target ship


  • This SEXP:
    • is used for scripted fights, such as the one involving the GVD Psamtik and the GTCv Belisarius in Surrender, Belisarius!
    • is affected by the beam's effective range—for example, it cannot be used to fire a BGreen at a target beyond the BGreen's effective range (4000 m)
    • is unaffected by beam cooldown, enabling beams with long cooldown times, such as the SGreen, to fire faster than their tabled rate