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The following information strictly refers to Strygon's First Contact War Universe and is therefore not canon to the FreeSpace Universe, nor is it related. Also, it may contain spoilers regarding First Contact War campaigns.

First Contact War is an in-progress Total Conversion, following the same style as Wings of Dawn and Dimensional Eclipse in terms of following heavy anime influences, a more light hearted atmosphere and a completely original setting. On October 3rd, 2020, the mod was officially announced and a short 3 mission demo is slated to be released some time mid to late December. The setting itself takes place in the same universe (albeit adjusted and updated) as Strygon's previous mod, Operation: Cloak and Dagger.

General Info

Author: Strygon

Missions: 20


-Handdrawn art

  • A rich and lore-filled universe. Be sure to check that Tech Database every once in a while!
  • Higher speeds and new movement options to mix up and create new tactics
  • A vast variety of new ships to play with.
  • 20 missions pitting you in various different environments and new challenges.
  • Dig through the files, perhaps you'll find something nice :p

Status: Work in Progress

Required: FSO's latest nightly


A much bigger and more advanced sequel to Operation: Cloak and Dagger, First Contact War is a high energy anime-inspired space opera following the story of the 156th Stormclouds, a squadron of naval pilots in the United Solarian Democratic Federation (USDF). The Solar Civil War has been raging for years now, but a new threat looms in the distance...

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