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Taken directly from FreeSpace 2's credits.tbl



Dave Baranec
Jason Scott
Adam Pletcher
& The FreeSpace 2 Team

Based on an Original Design by:

Adam Pletcher

Lead Programmer:

Dave Baranec


Dave Andsager
Jeff Farris
Neil Kumar

Lead Artist:

Jasen Whiteside

Real-Time Artists:

John Enricco
David Gulisano
Matt Kresge

Cutscene Artists:

Kelly Snapka
Matt Flegel

Mission Design:

Brad Johnson
James Agay
Jim Boone
Chad Nicolas
Jordan Roc


Jason Scott
Mike Breault

Music and Sound Design:

Dan Wentz

Executive Producer:

Mike Kulas

Director of Product Development:

Philip Holt

Quality Assurance Test Lead:

Anoop Shekar

Quality Assurance Testers:

James Tsai
Alvan Monje
Andrew McIntosh
Nicolaus Malnick
Allan Bautista
Eric Keyser

Web Design and Development &

Nathan Camarillo


Mike Breault


Dave Baranec
Mark Allender
Kevin Bentley

Network Administration:

Mark Muller

Office Management and Administration:

Ginny Gee
Misty Goodman

German Consultant:

Heiko Herrmann

FRED2 Documentation:

Peter Drake


In Los Angeles:

Voice Producer:

Fred Hatch

Voice Direction:

Jamie Thomason

Voice Editor:

Frank Szick

Voice Recording Engineers:

Paul Andris
Ernie Sheesley

Assistant Recording Engineers:

Eric Lewis
Lisa Carlon


Robert Loggia
Ronny Cox
Kurtwood Smith
Stephen Baldwin

In Chicago:

Voice Producer:

Ron Steele, Sr.

Voice Recording Engineers:

David Steele
John Steele

Recorded at:

EKO Media Design Company


Charles Gerace
Dale Inghram
Kurt Naebig
Si Osborne
Joe Sikora
Tony Russell
Rick Weiss

In Champaign:

Voice Recording Engineers:

Scott Warren
Dan Wentz

Recorded at:

Prairie Production Group
Volition, Inc.


Dave Butler
Roger Cooper
Peter Davis
Roger Francisco
Bruce Heck
Kay Holley
Robin Kaler
Jim Manley
Tamara McDaniel
John McKeighan
Doug Quick
Jason Scott
Dan Simeone
Eric Sizemore
Mike Trippiedi

Original Freespace Team:

Adam Pletcher
Mike Kulas
John Slagel
Mark Allender
Alan Lawrance
Jasen Whiteside
Frank Capezzuto III
Peter Han
Mike Comet
Sandeep Shekar
Dave Baranec
Dave Andsager
Jason Hoffoss
Dan Wentz
Mitri Van
Brad Johnson
Jim Boone
Duncan McPherson

Special Thanks:

Harold Kim
Erik Hernandez
John Palmero
Mike Motoda
Scott Lee
Dawn Dvorak
Amy Dalton

FS2 Beta Testers:

Barbara Evans
Darren Wheeling
BJ Mace
Dan Kulhman
Verena Buttler
Alexander Streule
Michael & Alexander Schmalz
Chris Borders
Denise Diehl
Neat Deal Productions
Vernyle Steele
Sharon Wottrich
Voices Unlimited

Vocal samples courtesy of Spectrasonics' 'Symphony of Voices'

For Interplay:


Jim Boone

Line Producer:

Primo Pulanco

V.P. of Product Development:

Trish Wright

Division Director:

Feargus Urquhart

Director of Quality Assurance:

Jeremy Barnes

QA Manager:

Michael Motoda
Greg Baumeister

Quality Assurance Project Supervisor and Compatibility Manager:

Darrell Jones


Erik Hernandez
John Palmero
Harold Kim
Tony Piccoli
David Fleischmann
Matt Golembiewski
Galacio Ramirez
Tim Anderson
Henry Lee

Compatibility Technicians:

John Parker
Derek Gibbs
Josh Walters
David Parkyn

Product Marketing Manager:

Alison Quirion

Communications Manager:

Lisa Bucek

Traffic Manager:

Paul Naftalis

Terminology Consultant:

GySgt. John R. Boone (USMC, ret.)

Special Thanks:

Noelle for putting up with the long absence.
Chad Nicholas for delaying his move so he could make missions.
Erik Hernandez, John Palmero, Harold Kim and Mike Motoda for putting their lives on hold.
Feargus Urquhart for all the great advice.

Special Thanks to the FreeSpace community:

Descent Chronicles
The Descent Network
FreeSpace SwapMeet
Ground FreeSpace
Planet FreeSpace
Ross 128
Science Station Andromeda
Shattered Star Confederation
A Talent For War
Xanadu's Mission Archives

The team dedicates FreeSpace 2 to:

Andy for being a die-hard Freespace fan and a great little brother. Mom and Dad for always being supportive, making sure I don't kill myself from working too much, and letting Andy play Freespace way too much. Kevin, Jason and John for having the patience in dealing with my boundless lack of knowledge. Net buddies: Jumpy, Bee, Khan, Shet, Tron, Synthetik. Thanks for all the frags! Special thanks to MikeK for giving me this chance. :)
- Dave Baranec

My wife Maria and my sister Michelle.
- Jason Scott

Robin, for her limitless support, and to the amazing FS2 team for showing everyone what the game could be.
- Adam Pletcher

Rebecca (and baby) for understanding all the late nights and early mornings of work.
- Jasen Whiteside

Karen for her understanding the late nights, and to Irene and Nathan for their sunshine every day.
- Dave Andsager

John M., Judy, Andrew, Ray, and Gram and to one of my best friends in the world, Nancy A. Without all of your support, I wouldn't have gotten this far to follow my dreams. I made it!
- John Enricco

Goff Smith, Meredith Turner, Becky Minsley and my Mom and Dad for their support, guidance, and love.
- David Gulisano

Rob, Julie, and Amanda Kresge (my parents and sister, who have helped me through the years to achieve my dreams and helped make it possible that I'm here at Volition. :) Whole lotta love to Regal, Rob and Jeff for all the good times together. Gil Broydes, for helping me get through college intact and being a great friend.
- Matt Kresge

My wife, for moving away from home into the cornfields of IL so that I could blow stuff up. :)
- Kelly Snapka

All my friends and family who supported me - specifically Jolie, Olivia, Mike, Ryan, Harris, the Volition crew, and the friends in my head.
- Matt Flegel

Alia for her love and patience, and to my parents for just about everything.
- Jeff Farris

My parents, roommates, friends, family, and co-workers for all the help they have given me during this project.
- Brad Johnson

I'd like to thanks my parents for being so nice about my sudden departure and the gang from Toronto: Peter and the rest of Ariel, Ian and the crew at Apollo, Deanna who is always up all night, all those of you who no longer know me online, and Joanne who unwittingly helped me help the project.
- James Agay

Thanks to all my family and friends for their prayers and support. I'm back!!!
- Dan Wentz

My wife Mary and children Chris and Amelia, for being good sports while I was gone all week.
- With love, Mike Breault

Karen, Joshua and Katie, again, and the FS2 team for working so hard that I finally stopped worrying.
- Mike Kulas

Jillian for having enough trust and faith in me to move to Champaign, and to Hank, for just being a punk.
- Philip Holt

My parents, who stuck by me despite everything, and to my brother who believed in me even when I didn't.
- Anoop Shekar

Mom, Dad, Brandy, my family and friends, and to all my friends and co-workers at Volition.
- Nathan Camarillo

My big brother Van, for helping me avoid the calamities of our inheritance and just being there in general. Much love.
- Jordan Roc