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The FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project (Usually shortened to FSCRP or CRP) is a community project, which everyone is encouraged to contribute to. The FSCRP's aim is to restore old campaigns, add SCP compatibility, add voice acting and to fix errors and bring them up to the current standards.


Listed are the members of the community who do the most work for the FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project.

Main members:

  • Admiral Nelson - First leader, moderator, FREDder, expert in backgrounds, nameplates creator, tester
  • Mobius - Second leader, FREDder, tester, Wiki representative

Core members:

  • Macfie - Moderator, tester, grammar-checker, old campaign collector
  • MP-Ryan - FREDder, grammar-checker, tester
  • Nyctaeus - 3D and 2D asset manager.
  • FrikgFeek - Tester
  • Nightmare - Tester
  • Dilmah G - Tester
  • lostllama - Tester
  • rbxplayer - Tester
  • Rhymes - Tester
  • SF-Junky - FREDder, tester

Other members:

  • Fabian - Consultant
  • jr2 - Consultant
  • IceFire - Consultant
  • Vasudan Commander - Tester

Voice actors:

  • Mad Bomber - Voice Actor
  • Blaise Russel - Voice Actor
  • Darkblade - Voice Actor
  • Killfrenzy - Voice Actor
  • Mongoose - Voice Actor
  • Ransom Arceihn - Voice Actor
  • Tinman - Voice Actor
  • Arkangel - Voice Actor


Listed are the campaigns the FSCRP has worked/is working on.


The FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project was indirectly started by Kosh after the unavailability of really old campaigns. The thread responsible is Really old campaign availability, started by Kosh. The initial response was to upload all of these unavailable campaigns to Hades Combine, but interest soon spawned in certain members that sparked the beginning of the FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project. Although a relatively new project, the FSCRP has already done a lot of work to redo the inner workings of famous campaigns and bring them up to speed with the modern features of the SCP.


The FSCRP welcomes help as after all, it is a community project. If you want to help the FSCRP, simply inform any of the staff and begin work. Listed is the positions that are needed.

  • Additional FREDders - Help is always welcome!
  • Additional Testers - To help make sure errors are few and far between.
  • Voice Actors - For not only the graphics department helps improve campaigns.

Any help you can provide is warmly welcomed.

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