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The FreeSpace Reference Bible (also known as the FreeSpace Bible, FSRefBible or FS Bible) is a Word document created by Volition that contains original information on the FreeSpace universe. It includes transcripts of the cutscenes (many changed from the final versions) as well as transcripts of some cutscenes that never got included. It includes background information on the FreeSpace universe, exclusive concept art, and notes from the game designers.

It is quite likely that the Reference Bible was assembled primarily to assist the science fiction writers whom Interplay commissioned to write fan fiction as part of their FreeSpace marketing campaign. It was then subsequently released as an additional download on the Volition site. It is now available on FreeSpaceMods.

There is no corresponding Reference Bible for FreeSpace 2.


  • Introduction: Background to Terran and Vasudan history and a brief introduction of the Great War.
  • Subspace Technology: A scientific description of subspace that gives relevant information about traveling in the FreeSpace universe.
  • Synopsis: Transcripts of non-monologue cutscenes, Some that have never made it into the game are also included. The transcripts are inaccurate.
  • Ancient Readings: Transcripts of the Ancient cutscenes and the last player monologue. It is because of the Reference Bible that we know that the player's character speaks in End Cutscene. Accurate.
  • The Species: Information about the three species. Therein is an in-depth description about the Vasudans, their homeworld, and communication between Terrans and Vasudans. Gives some hints about the connection between the Ancients and the Vasudans, though phrasing does not definitely confirm that the Ancients did help the Vasudans evolve.
  • Ship Specs: Information about notable Terran ships, written in a style similar to actual tech room descriptions known from the game. Some background information not stated in-game is also revealed (the GTF Hercules is for example nicknamed as "The Big Momma"). Descriptions are factually accurate.
  • Terran/Vasudan Weapons: Similar to Ship Specs, except this section is about player-usable weapons, primaries and secondaries included. The descriptions are semi-scientific.