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All information related to the GTC Atlantis is non-canon.
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GTC Atlantis


Tech Room Description

The GTC Atlantis was designed shortly after the Capellan crisis to fuse the advantages of both the Aeolus and Leviathan cruisers into a compact and versatile warship. The Atlantis possesses more firepower than both cruisers, with an armament of four anti-fighter beam cannons, multiple flak guns and a spread of point-defense pulse cannons. Though it is not equipped with the newer super-concentrated beam cannons, its single offensive forward beam weapon can easily cut straight through any ships of comparable size. The Atlantis has an equal engine output to even the modern Leto cruiser, allowing it to catch up to the fast convoy ships.

The Atlantis is calculated to have more damage resistance than any cruiser constructed, including the Aeolus and Leviathan. This added protection allows it to withstand tremendous punishment while remaining moderately effective. Though it is slowly being phased out by the Hyperion cruiser, the Atlantis will remain in widespread service for years to come.


  • Model by Oddgrim



Type Cruiser
Manufacturer N/A
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 25
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 70000
Shields 0
Width 136 m
Height 73 m
Length 300 m


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
MGreen 1
Standard Flak 6
Vasudan Swarm Turret 2
Imperial Standard Turret 2

Veteran comments

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Sort of a Leviathan and an Aeolus rolled into one, really. It possesses very heavy armor too; it can take a lot of punishment.

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