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All information related to the GTC Halcyone is non-canon.
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The GTC Halcyone


Tech Room Description

Terran heavy cruiser.

By the Second Shivan Incursion, cruisers were fading as line combatants. Their reactors were too small to mount heavy beam cannons to engage enemy capital ships, and their armor was too thin to protect them from bomber strikes or even heavy assault wings. Innovations in active armor reduced the threat from the latter problem, but even the next generation of ultralight beam cannons could not give cruisers the firepower to compete. When Subach-Innes introduced the first warship-grade Plasma Accelerator Cannon in 2384, GTVA Command requested a heavy cruiser design capable of mounting these weapons, without reducing its antifighter screen.

RNI's experience with the Aeolus design won its design team the heavy cruiser contract. Recognizing that the Aeolus was enormously successful as an anti-fighter picket, and only suffered against enemy warships, the team set out to produce a heavier variant that corrected for the Aeolus' weaknesses. The Halcyone would be a modular design, unlike its predecessor, to maximize longevity. Next-generation automation would minimize crew count and provide hull volume for thicker armor plating. PATHFINDER network integration would allow Halcyone captains to take command of supply convoys, integrate with command destroyer and carrier battlenets, and provide full TAG support for allied fighters. Cluster turrets, missile launchers, and flak guns would fend off enemy fighters, and the new PACs would provide warship killing power, supplemented by a cruiser-grade slash beam to wipe out enemy subsystems. All of this would be supported by RNI's latest cruiser reactor system, which proved so efficient that it allowed the Halcyone much greater speed than the Aeolus, despite being slightly larger.

The first Halcyone came off the production line in 2387, and production has continued at a moderate pace. GTVA command deploys these ships primarily as task force escorts, where they coordinate with corvettes and destroyers to degrade incoming fighter and bomber wings and wear down hostile capital ships.


  • Model and textures by Rampage
  • Uses model parts from x914's Morana
  • Turrets by Kobrar44

Designer's Comments



Width 42.76 m
Height 76.80 m
Length 298.49 m
Turrets 15
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
T-AF-Flak-B 6
T-AF-Clus-A 4
T-AF-Mis-A-LR 2
T-B-Small-Slash 1
T-AW-Plas-D 2


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