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All information related to the GTC Phanes is non-canon.
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GTC Phanes


Tech Room Description (google translated from polish)


Escort Cruiser

As the Fenris class ships ages, the demand for strong but fast units for convoy protection increased in GTVA. Triton Dynamics designers quickly found a solution. Created to assist heavy Thespius cruisers or Calypso assault corvettes, Phanes is a very good complement to any battle group. Two Slash-type sub-guns mounted on the front provide effective protection against larger enemy units. Krazownik boasts an impressive number of 25 anti-fighter defense turrets, including a system of standard laser turrets, light ballistic guns and AAA jet guns. Phanes were additionally equipped with 4 special aviation tubes acting as minihangars. This unique ability means that on Phanesa can be stationed the wing of light fighters, for example Perseus class. According to forecasts, the Phanes class will displace Fenris cruisers by 2390. Today, GTVA fleets serve four dozen units of this class.


  • Original model by Taristin.
  • LODs and debris by Droid803.
  • Conversion by Nyctaeus.
  • Turrets from MediaVPs.

Designer's Comments

Smaller brother of the Aletheia, ideal for escort missions.



Name GTC Phanes
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 350 - 350 - 350 s
Max Velocity 30 (25) ms-1
Hitpoints 50000 pts
Length 319 m
Width 60.36 m
Height 106.68 m
Turrets 27 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
TerSlash 2
Terran Turret 12
AAAf 4
Standard Flak 2
Piranha 2
Long Range Flak 5

Modding Resources

$POF File: Phanes.pof
Texture list: TCOV7;MINER01-05;TCOV1;ftile4;CTILE2;DOCTILE3;LIGHTS;awactile3;TCOV6;science01-01;AeolusTurrets;Triton_HTL_Turrets;lights;miner01-05;damage


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