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All information related to the GTC Thunder is non-canon.
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GTC Thunder


Tech Room Description

The GTC Thunder is the most powerful cruiser in the GTVA's arsenal. Based on the old Aeolus cruisers, the Thunder has half the speed of its predecessor but far better armor and anti-warship capabilites - paired 'Sunflare' light beams and AM-4 Cyclone torpedo launchers give it the firepower to crush enemy cruisers and deal serious damage to corvettes and destroyers. With six flak cannons and two anti-fighter beams, the Thunder retains the legendary point-defenses of the Aeolus. Thunders are often used to provide destroyers with critical fire support - its array of light weapons can turn the tide of battle against capital ships.


  • Model and textures taken from mediavps 3_6_12
  • Reskin by Apollo
  • Tabling by Apollo



Name GTC Thunder
Type Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer Kraken Systematics
Max Velocity 15 ms-1
Hitpoints 60 000 pts
Length 272 m
Turrets 12 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Small Blue Beam 2
Cyclone 2
GTVA Turret 2
GTVA Huge Turret 4
Standard Flak 6
Anti-Fighter Beam 2

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