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All information related to the GTCa Galaxy is non-canon.
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GTCa Galaxy
The GTCa Galaxy in FOW


Tech Room Description

The Galaxy class carrier is the first true carrier designed by GTVA shipbuilders. It was originally designed as a stand-alone mobile command center, capable of operating alone without logistical support for extended periods. It is equipped with all of the state-of-the-art technologies and has proven to be quite effective as a stand alone combat vessel. It is equipped with 40 fighter and bomber wings, an impressive array of anti-fighter weaponry, and is capable of taking on most types of capital ships with an extensive array of beam weapons. Although the primary role of the Galaxy class has recently been reassigned to the new Warlock class supercarriers, this versatile ship still holds a firm place in the GTVA fleet. It is now commonly seen assigned to GTVA battle groups as the primary fighter operations command ship.


  • Model by Trashman



Type Carrier
Max Velocity 25
Hitpoints 300 000
Width 1174 m
Height 531 m
Length 3810 m


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
LRBGreen 2
TerSlash 12
AAAf 16
Terran Huge Turret 10 (x2)

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