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All information related to the GTCv Ajax is non-canon.
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GTCv Ajax


Tech Room Description

The Ajax design is a relatively new design by Terran space-faring standards, but it is based on an ancient principle. Armed with numerous torpedo launchers and a forward-facing heavy missile mount, the Ajax class was designed entirely to combat enemy vessles from great range. The Ajax is not equipped with standard beam weaponry, though it does mount a few scattered anti-fighter beams for emergency defense. This Corvette is only deployed in a fire support role within a destroyer battlegroup, and generally does not leave it's destroyer's side as it is extremely vulnerable on its own. Nevertheless, in groups with sufficient fighter cover, these warships can be extremely deadly to larger enemy craft.


  • Model by Stratcomm



Type Corvette
Max Velocity 30
Hitpoints 80 000
Width 431 m
Height 393 m
Length 880 m
Turrets 21


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
AAAf 7
Standard Flak 4
Terran Turret 2
Starshaker Torpedo 2
Cruiser Torpedo 2

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