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All information related to the GTD Archon is non-canon.
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GTD Archon


Tech Room Description

Originally a poor replica of the GTD Hades, the Archon was heavily modified by Kraken Systematics to serve as a replacement to the Colossus. Because the Colossus's fatal flaw was its inability to stand up to other juggernauts, it was considered a neccesity that the Archon be able to deal serious damage to supercapital ships. This lead to the development of the 'Nova' super-heavy beam cannon, the first Alliance weapon able to fully pierce the armor of juggernauts. Armed with four of these beam cannons, the Archon can annihilate capital ships in a single salvo and deal serious damage to superdestroyers and juggernauts. Four slashing beams and three torpedo launchers give it even more firepower. Currently, the Archon is a unique ship, but two more are under construction.


  • Original model by Volition
  • Additional turret hardpoints by fulgrymm
  • PI textures by Psycho and CP5670
  • Additional changes by CP5670
  • Reskin by Apollo
  • Tabling by Apollo



Name GTD Archon
Type Superdestroyer
Manufacturer Kraken Systematics
Max Velocity 20 ms-1
Hitpoints 800 000 pts
Turrets 66 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Advanced Terran Slashing Beam 4
Megacyclone 3
Huge Blue Beam 4
GTVA Turbolaser 9
GTVA Turret 15
GTVA Huge Turret 13
Standard Flak 8
Anti-Fighter Beam 8
Piranha 2

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