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All information related to the GTD Europa is non-canon.
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GTD Europa


Tech Room Description

Designed to finally replace the GTD Orion, the Europa is essentially an upgrade of its predecessor. Armed with five beam cannons and two torpedo launchers, the Europa packs a massive punch. The Europa's heavier armor, better point-defenses, and larger fighterbay capacity also make it much more survivable than the Orion. The GTD Warhammer is a superb example of this new destroyer class, serving as the flagship of the 5th fleet.


  • Model and original texturing by TrashMan
  • Reskin by Apollo
  • Tabling by Apollo



Name GTD Europa
Type Destroyer
Manufacturer Triton Dynamics
Max Velocity 18 ms-1
Hitpoints 150 000 pts
Turrets 27 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Advanced Terran Slashing Beam 2
Megacyclone 3
Big Blue Beam 3
GTVA Turbolaser 5
GTVA Turret 3
GTVA Huge Turret 12
Standard Flak 4
Anti-Fighter Beam 4

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