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All information related to the GTD Orion Phase 2 is non-canon.
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The original GTD Orion Phase 2.
The Orion Refit, aka. GTD Sanctuary, as seen in Blue Planet.

Tech Room Description

Orion Phase 2

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

Two Orion class destroyers were under construction in Sol system prior to the Lucifer's assault on Earth in March 29th 2335. When it became apparent that the GTA and PVE were unable to stop the Shivans, GTA Command decided to salvage one destroyer and use the resources to retrofit the other, since known as the GTD Sanctuary. Housing the last remaining men and women of Earth, the GTD Sanctuary narrowly escaped Shivan genocide.


  • Model by Hamano




Name GTD Orion Phase 2
Type Destroyer
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 150.0, 150.0, 150.0 s
Max Velocity 15 ms-1
Hitpoints 200 000 pts
Length 3003 m
Width 1045 m
Height 692 m
Turrets 42 turrets

Blue Planet

Name Orion Refit
Type Destroyer
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 150.0, 150.0, 150.0 s
Max Velocity 20 ms-1
Armor Heavy Armor 100
Hitpoints 100 000 pts
Length 3003 m
Width 1045 m
Height 692 m
Turrets 16 turrets


Default Statistics Blue Planet
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
BGreen 3 Terran Turret 16
Standard Flak 9
AAAf 9
MjolnirBeam#home 21

Veteran Comments

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The download provided by Hamano at Studio UTAHIME includes two additional Orion Phase 2s with the nameplates "Akagi" and "Saratoga".

In other mods, 4 sets of 5 turrets are formed to look like a large Mjolnir cannon, and are equipped with Mjolnir#home beam cannons, with the rest of the turrets made out of flak, AAA beams, and a few BGreen beams. Makes this Orion Phase 2 a powerful destroyer against other destroyers.

In initial releases of Blue Planet, the Orion Refit remained largely the same as Hamano's model. The main change, to match the Sanctuary being constructed during the Great War, was the replacement of all its weapons with blob and pulse turrets. Funnily enough, this still made the Sanctuary pretty well-equipped for what is essentially a giant transport, although it was doomed against modern-day ships. The Orion Refit received further modifications in later releases of Blue Planet, with the MjolnirBeam barrels replaced with mundane spokes, and the turret count changed and reduced to just 16 Terran Turrets, making the Orion Refit more befitting of its background as a sleeper ship hastily cobbled together from two Great War-era Orion destroyers. In its current iteration, the Orion Refit is essentially an FS1-era GTD Orion with an all-Terran Turret setup which, against the more advanced weaponry seen in Blue Planet continuity, makes it a gigantic sitting duck, with only its sheer hitpoints being a deterrent against ill-equipped fighters.

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