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All information related to the GTFr Albanus is non-canon.
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GTFr Albanus
With 2 out of 3 containers attached. TAC1 for scale.


Tech Description

The Albanus is a medium sized, endo/exo atmospheric freighter. Though less massive than the Triton or Atlantis class, the Albanus is distinguished by its specialised cargo container, which can be manufactured to extremely high bio-transportation standards, up to and including the standards required for human vac-hab. The GTVA utilizes these vessels regularly for prisoner transport, a method which allows potentially dangerous individuals to be kept completely isolated from the vessel in which they are being transported, eliminating the threat of prisoner riot or hijacking to the crew of the transport.

TC-ALB Container Tech Room Description

The TC-ALB is the custom designed container used with the Albanus light freighter. Unlike most containers, the ALB can be manufactured to a variety of bio-compatability standards, up to and including the highest possible rating. This means that varieties of these containers can be configured for human transportation. Their primary use at this point is for prisoner transport, but their potential suitability for Capella-type large scale evacuation procedures has been investigated. Unlike most cargo containers, TC-ALBs are extremely well armoured, owing to their cargo of human beings. It is not unusual for many, even all of these containers to survive the destruction of the freighter which carries them.

Blue Planet Tech Description (UEFr Demeter)

The Demeter is a heavy duty cargo hauler of civilian design. Used by civilians and military alike, this rugged design has proved itself over last 19 years. While the Demeter is better known for its impressive cargo capacity, it is also well equipped for transporting personnel.

Developer Notes

The Albanus was designed to transport cargo in atmosphere, and so the side pods need to be able to aim downwards. They currently default to facing backwards, but can be rotated to face downwards for atmospheric missions using a simple script-eval sexp, with the following data:

trigger_anim('Ship Name')

Ship Name is case sensitive and the apostrophe's _are_ required. It takes a few seconds to rotate the engines, so start your mission facing away from these ships, or just edit the table file to adjust how fast the submodels rotate. At the present state of SCP development (3.6.14 RC2), there are no visible thruster glowpoints on these pods - this is because the patch to add the capability for rotating thrusterpoints was written after the 3.6.14 fork, although it is currently in trunk. In other words, wait a few months, and the ship should be fully functional.


  • Model by Hades
  • UVs by Quanto
  • Textures & conversion by Black Wolf
  • Rotation script by zookeeper

Name Origin

Albanus is the Latin name of Saint Alban, widely regarded as the British protomartyr, who was beheaded for sheltering a Christian priest escaping persecution.

Demeter (Δημήτηρ) is the name given to the ancient Greek goddess of grain, fertility, seasons, and the harvest.



Name GTFr Albanus
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 12 - 14 - 12 s
Max Velocity 50 (55) ms-1
Hitpoints 7500 pts
Length 140.26 m
Width 49.01 m
Height 32.98 m
Turrets 2 turrets
Compatible Containers TC-ALB
Cargo docks 3

Hitpoints 4000 pts
Length 18.17 m
Width 21.58 m
Height 12.16 m


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Terran Turret 2


Modding Resources

$POF File: Dropship.pof
Texture list: DSHull; DSTurret; DSTURR-D; DAMAGE; DSHULL-D
$POF File: DSCargo.pof
Texture list: DSCargo

Veteran Comments

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Appears in Blue Planet as the UEFr Demeter. While it is quicker and has more hitpoints, despite having a smaller profile, than the GTVA's Triton-class freighter, it is still quite fragile. The Argent Mist in War in Heaven's first mission puts this across quite clearly.

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