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All information related to the GTG Pandora is non-canon.
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The GTG Pandora


Tech Room Description

With the increasing demands of the new vessels and warships, the civilian engineers designed a much bigger counterpart of the aging Zaphyrus. The Pandora is a gas miner that has four times the capacity. The buzzard manifolds in the fins mounted on its sides infuse the collected gasses directly to the storage tanks which makes it very efficient. The speed of this vessel is also exceptional, cutting the travel times in half save for one setback, the gas tank underneath its belly is wide open to attack. Hence, the moniker: 'The Space Bomb.' It is perplexing that despite the high risk, GTVA Command commissioned it for military use.


  • Model and textures by SolCommand

Designer's Comments



Width 111.99 m
Height 156.15 m
Length 561.40 m
Turrets 8


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
MkII Plasma Gun 8


Veteran Comments

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Converted by Blue Planet team, but never used. POF was included in BP Complete files without tables or any additional data.

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