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All information related to the GTI Ceres is non-canon.
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The GTI Ceres was a small, modular installation deployed combat vessel most famously deployed in the early days of the Terran-Vasudan War. It was used as the basis for multiple specialised variants.

The GTI Ceres (Resupply Variant)


GTI Ceres Tech Room Description

When the first Shivan threat had receded following the destruction of the Lucifer, the full extent of the damage to GTA and GVN fleets as well as military and civilian installations became apparent. Wishing to return Allied systems to economic and military security, every effort was made to rebuild what the Shivans had destroyed as rapidly as possible. It was at this time that the GTI Ceres was conceived. Though a relatively small installation, Alliance technicians still found it possible to cram the same vital equipment into the Ceres that larger stations had held - though the result was a less than comfortable existence for the crew. Over fifty Ceres-class installations were built during the reconstruction, tailored to roles as varied as storage, habitation or laboratory space due to the modular, all-purpose nature of the Ceres frame. In time, these small bases were replaced by grander installations. Despite this, the Ceres remains popular with civilians, as distant outposts or as a low-profile base of operations within Alliance space.

The GTI Ceres (Sensor Variant)


  • High poly model by Black Wolf
  • Original by the BWO Team

Designer's Comments



Name GTI Ceres (Resupply Variant)
Type Small Installation
Hitpoints 40000 pts
Length 345m m
Width 670m m
Height 286m m
Turrets 6 turrets


GTGs Titan
Turret Type Amount
Terran Turret 6

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