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GTM-43 Stiletto


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2

The GTM-43 Stiletto

Tech Room Data

Heat seeking - laser tracking similar to the Interceptor - missile is protected by a small shield system, allowing for greater success in payload delivery during busy melee situations and intense firefights - fast, but low in-flight maneuverability compared to other missiles of comparable size - low maneuverability due to the size of the missile's payload (60 Kt) and on-board shield system.

With the ability to take out most subsystems in one hit, and as simple to fire as an MX-50, the GTM-43 is the best ship disabling bomb developed by the GTA. Effective against turrets, engines and any other kind of subsystem, the Stiletto is a valuable asset to a bombers arsenal. However, it's slow, unmanageable, and it can't do any real hull damage.



Name GTM Stiletto
Range 2 250 m
Reload time 2.0 s
Velocity 150 ms-1
Damage 775
Armor damage 7.75
Shield damage 0
Subsystem damage 775
Homing type Heat Seeking
Homing cone 40 degrees
Turn rate (360 degress) 1.0 s
Hitpoints 50

Additional properties


Veteran Comments

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The Stiletto is as its tech description says. Make sure to line up the missile with your target carefully as the Stiletto turns worse than just about anything else.

Using this in a dogfights is just a waste.

A very nasty turret killer, and it can be mounted on some fighters too. They can be shot down, but as bombs go they're fast, they fire quickly, and they don't need a lock. Take out some turrets with Stilettos, and your bombing run will be a lot easier.

In FS1, it was actually extremely difficult to aim the Stiletto at range, as it would go for the subsystem or turret nearest the center of its view cone when launched, which may not be the one selected. The FreeSpace Port makes it behave as the Stiletto 2 does, making it a much more manageable weapon.

Some reference is made to an on-board shielding system in Command Briefings. This is a blatant lie; the Stiletto can be shot down just as easily as any other warhead.