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The GTM-43a Stiletto II is an advanced subsystem disruption missile, used to target tactically important features on large ships from long range. It does negligable hull damage, making it ideal for disarm and disable operations. It has excellent range and high speed, along with a self-seeking guidance system that allows it to be launched without an aspect lock.

This weapon is arguably even more dangerous than a GTM Cyclops to the target ship. While it does no damage to structure or hull integrity, it can render the target easy prey to virtually every other ship and weapon: with a single coordinated volley of missiles, a wing of tactical units can clear virtually every anti-fighter weapon off the side of an enemy warship from long range.

The high speed of incoming Stilettos makes them difficult to intercept. And the fact that they do not require an aspect lock means that enemy fighters will be launching these at hostile warships pretty much the instant they exit subspace. They are a dire threat to the defenders and a powerful tool for the aggressors.


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Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The GTM-43a Stiletto II

Tech Room Data

The GTM-43a Stiletto II improves upon the original Stiletto's design with higher acceleration and maximum velocity, better guidance system, and greater range. The Stiletto II, like its predecessor, is designed to incapacitate the subsystems of capital ships, homing in on the EM signature of the currently targeted subsystem.



Range 5 500 m
Reload time 2.0 s
Velocity 220 ms-1
Base Damage 775*
Armor Damage None 7.75*
Shield Damage None 0
Subsystem Damage Full 775*
Shockwave Radius 20 / 40 m
Type: Heat Seeking
View Cone: 80 degrees
Minimum Lock Time: N / A
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 1.0 s


  • Weapon is capable of easily damaging (Huge) even larger vessels.
  • Weapon can be shot down (Bomb)
  • The shockwave doubles the damage against any target that takes a direct hit

Veteran Comments

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Exactly what it says: an anti-subsystem weapon and useless for any other purpose. Has the bomb tag on it, so it can be shot down, but moves very fast making that difficult.

Once you get the GTM Trebuchet this missile is largely useless, good for capture missions however.

Extremely good for its purpose, and can be fired very rapidly for an anti-capship weapon used properly can utterly neuter capital ships very quickly indeed.

Can be used tactically to distract point defenses to allow bigger bomber through, often taking out turrets in the process. An invaluable part of The Sixth Wonder where it can be used to take out the heavy weapons of the NTC Cato, and the NTCv Hawkwood.