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All information related to the GTSG Pyre is non-canon.
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The ORSG Guardian from Exile
The GTSG Pyre


Original Tech Room Description

The Pyre is the latest sentry gun to be used in the GTVA. With 4 pulse beam turrets and stinger missile defense battery it can be just as dangerous to enemy units as a fighter.

Exile Tech Room Description

Outer Rim Syndicate - Guardian Gun Platform

The Guardian is heavy defensive platform which mounts 2 railgun batteries and 8 light anti-fighter turrets. They are a major supplement to Syndicate defenses and before the Exodus they were present around important ORS space stations. Factory ships started to successfully produce guardians, but due to cost and transport difficulties, they are used only in an emergency. Their basic role in the Exodus Fleet's defensive strategy is to support ORS heavy warships during jump node blockades.


  • Model by Nuke



  • GTSG Pyre
Type Sentry Gun
Length 12 m

  • ORGP Guardian
Width 170.66 m
Height 201.66 m
Length 170.66 m
Turrets 10


GTSG Pyre ORSG Guardian
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
Flashbeam 4 Pulsar PC-9 8
Stinger 2 Standard Railgun 2

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