GTSS Endymion

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All information related to the GTSS Endymion is non-canon.
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The GTSS Endymion


Tech Room Description

The Endymion class station is, by far, the largest and most sophisticated class of space station ever deployed in Terran history. Developed as a central hub for an entire colonised system, the Endymion serves as both a military and administrative centre and a subspace communications core, interfacing with relays and nodes throughout a given system.

Given its critical role in potentially exposed space, the Endymion is far from defenceless, with capital grade armour, six state of the art plasma turrets and a strikecraft capacity more than double that of a Canberra class carrier.


  • Original Model by Axem
  • Conversion and Texture by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments

The Endymion is tabled for the early TV War era. Converting it to later use (i.e. to the GTI Endymion) would probably require the addition of a few more turrets and some table tweaks.



Name GTSS Endymion
Type Space Station
Hitpoints 25 000 pts
Length 235 m
Width 1679 m
Height 916 m


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