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All information related to the GTT Monarch is non-canon.
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The GTT Monarch was a converted fighter carrier than became an intersystem ferry for non subspace capable ships prior to the Terran-Vasudan War.

The GTT Monarch


GTT Monarch Tech Room Description

The GTCa Monarch was one of the first true combat vessels of the subspace era. Built to patrol trade routes and protect the growing Terran presence in the outer system, the Monarch could originally carry four of the old Spartan class fighters, and with its its four defensive turrets, could effectively defend itself against the pirate and terrorist attacks that it was expected to face. The then still un-unified Terran nations and alliances built Monarchs in large numbers. However, as the outer system became more and more difficult to control, and the conflicts breaking out between various groups of colonists could no longer be dismissed as mere skirmishes, it became increasingly apparent that neither the Monarch nor the Spartan class fighter it was designed to carry were suitable for the tasks that the navies of the time were being called on to perform. The larger, more advanced Canberra class was developed as a more generalist replacement, more suited to the civil war that many feared might transpire in the coming years. Monarchs began to be displaced as a combat vessel almost immediately, and many were mothballed.

When intersystem subspace travel was discovered a few years later, the Monarch fleet received a new lease on life. As one of the few ships large enough to mount the early intersystem subspace drives, the newly re-badged GTT Monarch became an interstellar ferry, carrying ships across the threshold to Delta Serpentis and beyond that would otherwise have been unable to make the jump. In a somewhat ironic twist, the substantial supply of these spaceframes that the newly formed Galactic Terran Alliance had inherited from its constituent member states meant that bottlenecking of Terran traffic at the node was minimised - this has been cited as one of the key factors that allowed early Terran extrasolar colonisation to proceed as quickly as it did. As the colonisation project relieved the ever growing population pressure on the Sol system, many of the tensions that had been driving unrest among the population also receded, eliminating the risk of civil war that had seen the GTA replace the Monarch in the first place.


  • Created by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments

The Monarch is intended to be a contemporary of the GTCa Canberra, and is stylistic similar.



Name GTT Monarch
Type Transport
Max Velocity 15 ms-1
Hitpoints 10750 pts
Length 326 m
Width 148 m
Height 84 m
Turrets 4 turrets


GTFg Jupiter
Turret Type Amount Turret Capacity
FighterKiller 4 N/A

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