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All information related to the GTT Wyvern is non-canon.
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HTL GTT Wyvern
GTT Wyvern


Tech Room Description

The GTT Wyvern is a light transport or shuttle, designed to rapidly ferry personnel from ship to ship, or to and from planetary surfaces. Its hugely customizable spaceframe has been in near continuous use since the Terran-Vasudan war, although significant upgrades have been made to sensors, navigational equipment and flight dynamics since that time. Most significantly among these changes are the addition of a subspace drive and a set of shields as standard equipment.

WoD Tech Room Description

Originally a Delest Dynasty bomber craft, most of the original shilo's were mothballed or refitted to become gunships under the strategic bomber impedance treaty. This refit is not terribly threatening to modern day fighters and is mostly sighted with mercenaries or with fringe world militia, where they serve as patrol ships.


  • Model and Texture by Aldo
  • HTL by Nyctaeus



  • Original
Name GTT Wyvern
Type Transport/Shuttle
Manufacturer Dynamic Metamer
Max Velocity 45 ms-1
Hitpoints 1750 pts
Length 81 m

  • HTL
Width 42.90 m
Height 16.53 m
Length 62.91 m
Turrets 3


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
AAAf 1
Terran Turret 2

Modding Resources

$POF File: DD_Shilo-Refit.pof
Texture list: DD_Shilo-Refit;Glass;damage


Veteran Comments

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Two notes: 1) the model has a functional shield mesh, and 2) the three turrets are all under the belly of the ship, which leaves the entire top-half defenseless.

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