GTW Railgun

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GTW-99 Railgun


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2


Unused primary weapon, introduced with Silent Threat. The weapon is not available by default, and requires editing of game tables to be enabled.



Range 1500 m
Rate of Fire 0.5 shots per second
Velocity 1000 ms-1
Base Damage 30
Armor Damage Full 30
Shield Damage Full 30
Subsystem Damage Full 30


Veteran Comments

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I've never used this weapon, it is not in any standard campaigns, eyeballing the statistics, however, it is obvious that this weapon can be highly effective but requires good aim and timing.

While statistically better than the GTW Leech Cannon, which is next to useless, the Railgun is still quite a difficult weapon to put to good use on the field. When dual-linked, the Railgun has the most lethargic refire rate of any gun mountable on small ships in both FS1 and FS2. In addition, the Railgun pellets are extremely small, even smaller than the GTM Fury, so your aim must be very, very, very precise if you want all your shots to hit, and you will want all your shots to hit, because it takes forever for this gun to fire. This weapon is arguably the most dangerous weapon in the GTA arsenal if you give it to a sharpshooter, but otherwise, use more conventional weaponry like the Prometheus.