GVC Selket

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All information related to the GVC Selket is non-canon.
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GVC Selket.


Tech Room Description

The Selket goes a long way to prove that every second model of Vasudan cruisers is a major success. Her sleek design can shrug off tremendous punishment, and her fearsome armament makes enemy bombers and corvettes think twice before engaging. The Selket is also particularly fast and capable of sub-atmospheric flight, and has the most advanced targeting systems in use today to destroy hostile fighters in minimal time.


  • Original Model BrotherBryon
  • HTL Upgrade by The Dagger



Name GVC Selket
Type Cruiser
Manufacturer Unknown
Max Velocity 25 ms-1
Hitpoints 50000 pts
Length 365 m
Width 220 m
Height 120 m
Turrets 18 turrets

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