GVMCv Wepwawet

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All information related to the GVMCv Wepwawet is non-canon.
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The GVMCv Wepwawet

The GVMCv Wepwawet is a Vasudan long-range missile corvette.


FOW Tech Room Description

Initially envisioned as a next-gen corvette with long-range missile capacity, the Wepwawet went trough some changes during its design. The first blueprints included 4 turreted Fury MK IV missile launchers and 4 beam cannons, but after the Fury MK V was introduced the plans were altered. The Wepwawet became a long-range missile platform with as many as 12 missile launchers. It had to sacrifice armor and heavy beam weaponry for missile storage, but the long-range destruction it can unleash is worth the sacrifice. It has only one weak slash beam and should be kept out of close combat at all cost.

Developer Notes

This ship has to be running if its target has good AF defences...most missiles won't make it through, so it takes a while to kill the enemy and during that time it has to keep its distance.

Credits List

  • Model by TrashMan

Name Origin

Meaning: Jackal god (alos called Upuaut or Ophois). A war diety. Literal name means "Opener of the ways"
Language: Ancient Egyptian
Alternate spellings: Unknown



Type Missile Corvette
Manufacturer Unknown
Maneuverability N/A
Max Velocity 30
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A
Armor N/A
Hitpoints 70 000
Shields N/A
Width 266 m
Height 123 m
Length 750 m


Flames of War
Turret Type Amount
Vasudan Turret 8
Standard Flak 6
AAAf 1
VSlash 1
Fury Mk IV 4x2
Fury Mk V 8


Veteran Comments

Read the Veteran Comments policy before editing this section.

If you're used to cycling through your bomber targets by pressing 'B', you'll be bothered by all the targetable missiles this one keeps launching. Removing the "bomb" flag from the missiles' table entries will help, but it will make this ship even more powerful, since its missiles will no longer be destroyable. Toning down the missile's performance (damage, firing rate, etc.) will help balance out this change.

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