GVSG Viminas

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All information related to the GVSG Viminas is non-canon.
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GVSG Viminas


Tech Room Description

The result of a collaboration between Vasudan contractor Pteros and Terran contractor RNI Systems, the GVSG Viminas is essentially a Vasudan counterpart to the Mjolnir remote beam cannon. While reluctant to depend upon unmanned sentry guns, Vasudan tacticians wished to secure assets in the New Systems colonies without committing warships to lengthy patrols. With a network of Viminas sentry guns strategically positioned around nodes and installations, a single Udjat corvette is capable of patrolling an entire system, freeing up fleet assets for combat engagements.


  • Model and textures by Galemp

Designer's Comments



Width 42.96 m
Height 87.39 m
Length 140.19 m
Turrets 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
BVas 1


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