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All information related to the GVT Qeb is non-canon.
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GVT Qeb in ED


Original Tech Room Description

Used to transport stuff. More Vasudan in nature.

Deneb III Tech Room Description

Evacuation of Vasudan systems in the wake of the Shivans called for a long-haul transport with much greater tonnage than the Isis-class. The Qeb-class was developed for this need, with trans-atmospheric capability and a modular configuration for rapid manufacturing and deployment. Utilitarian by Vasudan standards, Qebs are being deployed as quickly as they can be shipped out.

Scroll of Atankharzim Tech Room Description

The course of the Vasudan-Terran war revealed the deficiencies of the veteran Isis-class multi-role transport. Recognizing the need for a dedicated troop carrier for planetary assaults or for boarding enemy vessels, the PVN Military Directorate commissioned the Qeb. The vessel saw its first widespread deployment during the evacuations of Vasudan systems in advance of the SD Lucifer and has aged well in the seasons since. Like the Argo, which it inspired, the Qeb is frequently used for shuttling military VIPs or technology prototypes in addition to its standard role as an assault transport.


  • Model by Galemp
  • HTL by Galemp



  • Original
Type Transport
Max Velocity 30
Hitpoints 12000
Width 96 m
Height 53 m
Length 159 m

  • HTL
Width 101.25 m
Height 76.91 m
Length 166.46 m
Turrets 4


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Standard Flak 1
Terran Turret 3

Veteran Comments

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The original Qeb may appear to be missing textures and have invisible sections of hull. This is because it references texture maps that were in the 3.6.8 MediaVPs but were removed from subsequent versions. The map in question is from the old HTL Aten before it was replaced by the current version.

This ship features an unorthodox turret placement, with three button turrets on the port side and one multipart on top, leaving the starboard and undersides uncovered.

The original tech description is something of an Easter Egg, as it references the GTT Argo tech description from the FS2 Demo: "Used to transport stuff. more military in nature."

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