Hertak Ragnarok

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Hertak Ragnarok


Tech Room Description

Dwarfing even the Armageddon, the colossal Hertak Flagship is the pride of the Hertak race. Almost impervious to any kind of conventional attack, the flagship is armed with numerous heavy beam cannons and a massive ventral-mounted siege cannon. Such weapons allow the flagship to destroy entire fleets of lesser vessels in moments, and can strike at surface-based colonies from orbit, reducing planets to uninhabitable wastelands. As the personal flagship of the Hertak royal family, the mere sight of the 11-kilometer long behemoth inspires the Hertak to fight harder, while striking fear into hearts of all those who oppose them.


Designer's Comments



Name Hertak Ragnarok
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 185 - 185 - 195 s
Max Velocity 20 (20) ms-1
Hitpoints 12500 pts
Shields 6000 pts
Length 3390.35 m
Width 2558.92 m
Height 1354.74 m
Turrets 16 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Heavy Meson Beam 1
Super Heavy Meson Beam 2
Graviton Beam 13

Modding Resources

$POF File: Hertak_Ragnarok.POF
Texture list: Hertile3;HertakRed2;Hertakblack;Hertile3;damage


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