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Fighter squadron: 203rd Scorpions

Description: The 203rd assists the GTVA Colossus in destroying the SJ Sathanas


Following an attempt at disarming at least two of the Sathanas' forward beam cannons by Alpha wing of the 203rd Scorpions, the Shivan juggernaut entered Capella to be confronted by the GTVA Colossus. If the Sathanas still has at least one main turret operational after Bearbaiting, the Sathanas also decimated an Allied fleet near the Capella node. Alpha is deployed, once again, to provide bomber support for the Colossus.


The Death of the Sathanas

You are not allowed to choose your loadout for this mission. You will be flying the GVB Bakha, armed with the GTW Mekhu HL-7, GTW Akheton SDG, a bank of GTM Trebuchets and a bank of Helios torpedoes.

This can be the easiest mission in the whole game if you performed well in the previous mission. If not, you still have work to do because the Sathanas can take out the Colossus even with one of its forward beam turrets operational. Fortunately, due to differences in timing, frames per second, maneuvering, etc., the Colossus is usually safe once you're down to one turret. If the flak guns are still operational, you may want to destroy them yourself, or order your wingmen to take them out for you.

The Basilisks can be really annoying, but you can usually take several out with Trebuchets at long range before you engage the Sathanas. Fortunately, there are only eight of them, as opposed to the many wings and waves of Shivan fighters in Bearbaiting, so when the second wave arrives, just order your wingmen to cover you. If you have gotten all four turrets, feel free to take them out yourself to get credit for the extra kills.

You can ensure you get the kill for the Sathanas by making sure you inflict more damage on it than any of your wingmen. You can do this by destroying AAA and flak turrets with your missiles and shooting down subsystems with your primaries. If your wingmen are busy with the Basilisks or if you've ordered them to depart, this should be pretty easy. After a 10-minute exchange of beam fire, the Sathanas throws in the sponge.


  • By default, a Bakha is incapable of carrying Helios torpedoes in its missile banks. It is only able to do so in this mission, as well as the previous one, due to the Scramble flag forcing ship loadouts regardless of weapons compatibility.
  • Most of the GTVA Colossus' beam cannons are changed to the LRBGreen in this mission. This was a quick fix to a problem caused by the Colossus being given a simple ai-chase order to attack the Sathanas, which results in the Colossus circling the Sathanas from outside the targeting range of a normal BGreen, TerSlash or BFGreen.
  • This mission gives you 10 000 points if you manage to get the Sathanas on your list of kills. This can be achieved by you inflicting more damage on it than any of your wingmen, or by inflicting at least 30% of non-beam damage.
  • In the retail version of FreeSpace 2, the Colossus will not open fire on the Sathanas if you order your wingmen to ignore the Shivan juggernaut.
  • If the fighterbay of the Sathanas gets disabled, you may not be able to complete the Destroy Cancer objective.

Notable ships present

Technical information

High Noon
File name: sm3-02.fs2
File size: 41.0 KB1
Author: James Agay
Total number of objects: 10 (+1 waypoint)
Total number of wings: 2
Number of mission events: 38
Number of messages: 20
Event music: 2: Exodus
Briefing music: Brief3


1This is the second smallest mission in terms of file size in the main campaign. The smallest is Training 6.