Hud Gauge Names

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This is a set of names used by the HUD configuration screen to color a corresponding gauge. (See hudconfig.cpp)


"lead indicator",

"target orientation",

"closest attacking hostile",

"current target direction",

"mission time",




"target monitor",

"center of reticle",

"extra target info",

"target shield",

"player shield",

"power management",

"auto-target icon",

"auto-speed-match icon",

"weapons display",

"monitoring view",

"directives view",

"threat gauge",

"afterburner energy",

"weapons energy",

"weapon linking",

"target hull/shield icon",

"offscreen indicator",

"comm video",

"damage display",

"message output",

"locked missile direction",


"objective notify",

"wingmen status",

"offscreen range",

"kills gauge",

"attacking target count",

"warning flash",

"comm menu",

"support gauge",

"lag gauge"