Hyperion-class Fleet Carrier

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All information related to the Hyperion-class Fleet Carrier is non-canon.
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Hyperion-class Fleet Carrier


Tech Room Description

Federation capital ship housing numerous fighters and bombers as its primary armament. Extreme tactical and strategic influence. Anti-ship missiles complement extensive defensive weaponry. Fleet carriers also carry a complement of nuclear missiles to be used only in the most dire of circumstances.

-General Characteristics:

---Primary Function: Fleet Carrier

---Length: 2743m

---Armament: 12x CIWS Turret

---1x ASM Launcher, 1x Nuclear Silo


Designer's Comments



Name Hyperion-class Fleet Carrier
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 200.5 - 200.5 - 200 s
Max Velocity 20 - 20 - 30 (40) ms-1
Hitpoints 280000 pts
Length 2854.66 m
Width 1061.47 m
Height 453.85 m
Turrets 14 turrets
Fighterbays 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Maxim#Turret 4
Point Defense Turret#Federation 8
Aurora 1
Coyote 1

Modding Resources

$POF File: carrier.pof
Texture list: carrier;Thruster_Col_Main;Light_T;carrierdebris;Missile_Silo;pdturret;cwhull1


Veteran Comments

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