Innoextract Standalone Compiling

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  • In the xz source folder:
  • ./ (probably optional, already comes with a configure)
  • ./configure --enable-static --prefix=/tmp/xz
  • make && make install
  • In the Boost source folder:
  • ./ --prefix=/tmp/boost
  • OSX: ./b2 toolset=clang cxxflags=-stdlib=libstdc++ linkflags=-stdlib=libstdc++ -j2 --prefix=/tmp/boost/install --build-dir=/tmp/boost/build variant=release link=static threading=multi install
  • Solaris: ./b2 toolset=gcc -j2 --prefix=/tmp/boost/install --build-dir=/tmp/boost/build variant=release link=static install
  • In the Innoextract source folder:
  • mkdir build && cd build && cmake -DUSE_STATIC_LIBS=ON -DBOOST_ROOT=/tmp/boost/install -DLZMA_INCLUDE_DIR=/tmp/xz/include ../
  • make