Into the Lion's Den (Multiplayer Mission)

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Medal given: SOC Unit Crest.

Minimum difficulty for medal: Hard.


Commander Snipes leads Alpha wing of the 99th Skulls on a mission through the second Knossos portal.


This is essentially Into the Lion's Den with the addition of lag to take into consideration, so the walkthrough on that page will still apply to this one.

The main difference between both is that, unlike the single-player mission, where you are awarded the SOC Service Medallion if you destroy all three Shivan Comm Nodes, in this version, you are only awarded an SOC Unit Crest if the mission is completed on Hard or Insane difficulty, and all your wingmen survive the mission. Given the presence of lag, as well as multiplayer collisions doing a ton of damage, this is not an easy feat.

The original porter of this mission, Cetanu, did one thing to make this mission as close as possible to an actual suicide mission: respawns are set to zero. If you die, you die, so think twice about self-destructing if you run out of missiles or if your hull integrity drops to a single digit.


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  • Everyone but the host should be wary of getting too close to Shivan Comm Nodes, as clients are unable to see the movement of the rotating arms and might suffer a deadly collision without warning.
  • If Alphas 2, 3 or 4 are being controlled by a human, rather than AI, player, the invulnerability flag for the ship in question is turned off. More notably, if Alpha 2, Lieutenant-Commander Snipes, is killed during the course of the mission, any messages he says will not be shown, including his comm channel countdown, although he will still be present at debriefing.

Key Ships

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Into the Lion's Den (Multiplayer Mission)
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