Knights of the White Brotherhood

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

General info

Squadron type: Space Superiority/Escort
Craft used the most: UEF Lao Tze
Stationed on-board: UED Solaris
Squadron leader: <?>

The elite Knights of the White Brotherhood are sometimes known by their colloquial address, the White Guard. Essentially handpicked bodyguard units, they serve to enforce the will and might of the spiritual elders of Earth and humankind. Pilots are chosen from disciples undergoing training in the military temples of the Council who have demonstrated compassion, humanity and humility above all things.

They have played an active role in the latest civil war, protecting dignitaries and spiritual leaders from both terrorist and military attacks while serving as a morale boost to regular squadrons. Professional, highly trained and fiercely loyal to Earth, their mere presence is enough for any potential attackers to think twice about entering engagement.


  • Sir Andrej Leatt
  • Gauchier
  • Kane
  • Sir Rishi Razali
  • Dame Gemma Arquette

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