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This article is about the application. For the subspace portal, see Knossos.

Knossos Mod Manager is a centralized application to set up, install, and update FreeSpace Open and the ever-growing list of mods that it supports. Knossos offers a searchable library of mods which can be easily installed and ready to play with minimal effort. Featuring multi-platform support for Windows, Linux, and macOS, plus automatic dependency resolution and updating for mods, Knossos is the go-to app for FreeSpace Open users.

The best Knossos version currently available is Knossos.NET, which was released in 2024. It is faster and supports more features than older Knossos versions. Also, Knossos.NET is actively developed and continually improved by a group of open-source developers.

Knossos.NET releases are available on GitHub, with builds available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The download links below will autodetect your system and provide a link that best matches it.

NOTE: Other versions of Knossos, such as classic Knossos and NuKnossos, are still available but no longer in active development and are not recommended for use. However many getting started guides have not yet been updated to recommend Knossos.NET over those other versions.

After installation is complete, launch Knossos and the Quick Setup Guide will start automatically. The guide will walk you through basic setup and provide some helpful tips to get you going after the quick setup is complete.

Once the quick setup is complete you are ready to install and play any mods of interest. If you would like to run through the setup steps again you can access the Quick Setup Guide at any time from the Settings menu.

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