LSF Guardian Angel

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LSF Guardian Angel


Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The Guardian Angel is the first ship of its class, a front-line battlecarrier capable of favourably engaging enemy warships of cruiser class and below while carrying a large fighter compliment. The 900-meter long design incorporates four hangar bays for rapid strikecraft deployment along with a formidable and diverse array of weapon turrets, allowing the ship to hold its own against most threats. The design also provides comfortable living spaces for its 400 crew, minimizing fatigue during extended deployment.

A new ship of the Guardian Angel class is planned for each new class of Abyss academy graduates based on the evaluations of the previous classes, gradually modernizing the LSF fleet.

Credits List

  • Model by Spoon



Name LSF Guardian Angel
Type Battlecarrier
Max Velocity 25 ms-1
Armor Reflective Armor
Hitpoints 15 000 pts
Shields 100 000 pts
Length 900 m
Turrets 26 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret type Amount
Large Pulse Turret 4
Laser 10
VX-71c 4
LSF Phaser 8

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