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Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The LTerSlash is a light beam weapon used by the Terrans in FreeSpace 2. It is usually mounted on the GTC Fenris as the cruiser's primary forward anti-warship weapon. Curiously enough, it is also mounted on the GTM Hippocrates medical frigate, giving it the distinction of being the only anti-warship beam weapon that is ever mounted on a civilian vessel.



Range 3 500 m
Recharge Time 10 s
Beam Lifetime 2.2 s
Type: Slashing
Shots 1
Damage per second 825
Damage per second (sustained) 182
Damage per pulse 1 815


Veteran Comments

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Shares all of the bad qualities of the SGreen and the TerSlash, pretty much capping off the Fenris's problems.

A lousy beam, but with a shorter reload time than all others. Better than the SGreen in a one on one basis, but paired SGreens are better than paired LTerSlash.

The LTerSlash can barely scratch anything that doesn't surround it completely. With such a short slashing sequence that ends so quickly, it can hardly do any damage to anything that isn't really, really HUGE. The LTerSlash is much better than the SGreen, however.

Reloads a lot faster than the SGreen. Ten seconds versus the SGreen's 45 seconds for 1000 points less damage per pulse.

In most situations, much better than a Fusion Mortar for a few reasons: much greater range, accuracy against non-stationary targets, potential to hit multiple targets and subsystems/turrets, and the fact that it can be mounted on a Fenris cruiser, of all things. Though it has a strong tendency to do only a fraction of its potential damage due to very wild slashing patterns, it still gives the Fenris an edge over other light cruisers and gives it a bit of fire-support capability against larger ships. If mounted as a battery weapon, this beam can be surprisingly effective against lighter targets.