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A laser is a device that emits a highly coherent beam of light. Many weapons in the FreeSpace universe are referred to as lasers, however, being slow-moving 'blobs' of matter, they would not be considered lasers in real life. Although beam weapons are never mentioned as being lasers in the games, their mechanism is known to somehow involve photons, which are an integral part of laser technology.


Weapons that are explicitly referred to as lasers include:

  • GTW ML-16 - The ML-16 is referred to in its tech description as being an Argon laser focused using a ceramic optical system.
  • GTW Disruptor - The Disruptor is described as a gas-focused krypton laser that is diffused by the injection of NO2 into the chamber just prior to the emission of the laser light.
  • GTW Flail - Despite being referred to as a 'rifle', the tech description also describes the Flail as being a krypton laser.
  • GTW Prometheus - According to the tech description, the Prometheus is an argon laser that is "generated at the destructive frequency" of the target material.
  • GTW Subach HL-7 - The Subach is described as being "a xaser weapon, firing an intense, highly focused beam of x-ray emissions."
  • GTW Akheton SDG - Although its mechanism is not mentioned in the game, it is stated to have been based on the same principle as the Disruptor.
  • GTW Prometheus R and GTW Prometheus S - Described as being based on the same technology as the original Prometheus.
  • GTW Morning Star - Described as being based on the same technology as the Flail.