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Lithium Unwrap -- renamed Ultimate Unwrap 3D -- is in many users opinion the best texturing program. It allows you to texture a model in one of two ways.


Lithium UnWrap features:

  • great for unwrapping low poly models
  • view your textured model in 3D
  • save bitmap templates of your mappings
  • support for LWO, LUV, OBJ, 3DS, ASC, PRM, NOD, MD3, and SMF files
  • support for textures in BMP, TGA, JPG, and PNG formats
  • decal, planar, box, cylindrical, and spherical UV mapping
  • runs under Win 95/98/ME/2K


  • DirectX 8 or later:
  • 3D graphics card with DX8 hardware support

Latest Update:

  • added support for 4x4 Evolution SMF files
  • added support for 3D Studio ASC files

Quick Tutorial

Lets start with a tutorial ship Modelled by Max Sterling.

  1. Open the file. File ----> Model ----> open
  2. Now you'll see a jumbled mess of faces; first we want to assign these faces to a material. We do this so we can begin UV mapping our model.
  3. Select all faces by clicking the arrow icon in the tool bar at the top. Then drag a box around all faces you can see; if you can see only some faces (or nothing at all), try zooming in or out by using the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar. Click and hold while moving your mouse up and down to zoom in or out.
  4. After selecting the faces, a red box should show up around them. Now click materials ----> modify -----> Mat 0 ----> Assign ----> OK and close the menu. Normally Lithium Unwrap will create a material and assign all faces to it if you dont already have one, but it's good to know this.
  5. Now select material0 in the left hand column, expand materials by clicking the + if you have to.
  6. "Drag select" all the faces again and now click Tools ----> Uv Mapping -----> Box mapping ----> OK.
  7. Now your texture will be slightly more organised (but still a bit confusing if you've never used Lithium Unwrap before).

(Someone else can continue this.)


Download from PlanetMirror