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General Info

Last Active Staff:

  • DarkShadow-
  • eliex
  • freespaceking
  • Gloriano
  • pecenipicek
  • Raven2001
  • Slanker_MT
  • Snail
  • Spicious

Inactive Staff:

  • Fetty
  • Grug
  • ShadowWolf_IH
  • Styxx
  • Black Sheep
  • demonknight17
  • Kie99
  • Qwer
  • Sapphire
  • Skippy
  • TopAce
  • Taristin
  • Dark
  • IceFire
  • Levyathan
  • Setekh
  • Venom
  • Shrike
  • Woomeister

Missions: 40
Mods Included: Various


"He saw a veil of darkness surrounding the entire alliance, as the enemy blackened the stars. He felt the wrath of revenge, the heat of battle and the coldness of death. He saw the blood of his compatriots painting whole worlds red, as streaks of energy crossed the land.

He saw the rest of his life before him, fighting a lost war.

He felt the fear of a whole race."

The Shivan threat is gone again. Years have passed since the supernova, since the cataclysmic battle that took so many of our brothers' and sisters' lives. We prosper again, rebuilding lost cities and regaining lost pride. People remember the horrors of the war against the destroyers, but few are those who truly understand them - few are those still alive who bore witness to the death of a star and countless souls. Fewer still are those aware of the ripples of movement spreading throughout the Alliance, a stirring capable of crippling people's faith and bringing back ghosts from the past. Buried memories will arise and forgotten prejudice will be remembered; fear and destruction will soon become once more the only view on the Terran and Vasudan horizons.

Development History

Having been in development since 2001, MT was one of the most anticipated campaigns on Hard Light Productions. It was supposed to include a fleet of all-new beautiful ships, deadly new high-resolution weapons and an involving, original plot. The long development phase caused it to suffer a serious backlog of errors, feature creep, and other unfinished detritus. Most of the core modifications were created along old principles of development, from the earlier years of FreeSpace modding. Because of this, Machina Terra has become a serious organizational nightmare, making it extremely difficult to work on for the development staff. The campaign was cancelled in 2011 and released all its assets, including ships and missions, as asset dump.

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