Malika People's Militia

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The following information refers to the Solaris universe and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace continuity.

The Malika People's Militia is officially classified as a Violent Non-State Actor.

The Fringe is a vast, sparsely populated region of space at the rimward edge of the Orion Arm, notable for an abundance of mineral resources. The Sulsian Hegemony had an iron grip on the major population centres, but corrupt bureaucracy and underdeveloped infrastructure allowed various militia groups in the region to flourish. Chief among these groups was the Malika People's Militia.

The Militia had an unassuming beginning after an armed rebellion on the asteroid mining hub Jotram Station in 2273. Already a precarious situation due to unsafe working conditions with minimal pay, the powder keg exploded when an engineering failure led to a loss of critical supplies and the deaths of several workers. Mercenary turned corsair Andri Gadaria diverted several captured supply ships to Jotram with the intention of winning over the worker population and create a new base of support. Gadaria's ruthlessness and charisma ensured his message of worker liberation propagated widely across Sulsia, making him a popular figure amongst indentured labourers.

The Malika People's Militia is a disparate coalition of paramilitary organisations, warbands and armed worker groups across Fringe space, whose armed forces are rapidly organising into a cohesive, coordinated institution. Supplied with powerful modern weapons by a mysterious benefactor, the Militia Navy has been able to challenge the Sulsian Hegemony for control of the resource-rich Fringe.