Memories of the Great War

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Author: Orph3u5


Rain On Ribos 4 - Released

Hellgate Ikeya - Released

Light Of Antares - Released

Ship Of Tears - Canceled

Crossing Styx* - Canceled

"*" = "Crossing Styx" was meant to be GTI campaign and it not related to the rencently released "Crossing The Styx" from FreeSpaceFreak

The Common Plot

Memories of the Great War (MoGW) are set in the Great War between the GTA, the PVN and the invading Shivan fleet, mostly around the events of the original FS1 campaign's mission "First Strike".

The player will launch from Tombaugh Station to its defense against the attacking Shivans, from GTD Galatea to non-cannoical mission to engage the Shivans in Ikeya and from the GTD Myrmidon to fight the Hammer of Light in Antares.

Development History

The series came into being when 0rph3u5 rediscovered a series of very old missions he had done with the original FRED and FS1, following encouragement by the community he convered the missions to FSSCP standards, forged them into a storyline and the added new mission— Rain On Ribos 4 (RoR) was created.

Plotholes in the original Rain On Ribos 4 were the reason to create the following two campaigns: Hellgate Ikeya (HGI) and Light Of Antares (LoA).

While HGI was a initial success, LoA suffered some problems in the initial release. 0rph3u5 resonded to the wishes of the community and redid LoA's finale to make it more realistic.

In the credits to RoR, a sequel named Crossing Styx was announced. But it was canceled later as the concept turned into a Moloch which could not be handeled properly.

The campaign Ship Of Tears which should have dealt with the Taranis was announced but then canceled. Again the conception of a MoGW-campaign was too much to be handled properly.

Inspirations & Reverences

Inspiring to the campaigns were the original FS1 campaign and the orignial "Silent Threat"-campaign as well as the campaigns "Echo Gate" and "Shrouding the Light" by Blaise Russel. References to later two campaigns can be found around all MoGW campaigns.

There is a GTC Lone Wolf in HGI - an obvious reference to the campaign "Derelict".

The GTSC Einstein makes an appearance in RoR on three occasions. Also, after the destruction of Tombaugh Station by the Lucifer in RoR a series of messages flashes on the player's HUD, giving him/her the choices where to jump to for the mission to end; one of these messages say "GTD Repulse - Coordinates Unavalible" - Both are references to the campaigns "Silent Threat" and "Silent Threat: Reborn"

The way the Vasudans speak in the Command Briefings and Missions of RoR is very much alike to the way in "Shrounding the Light", including the battlecry 'Sa Vasuda'.

What's Next?

When he announced that there would be no further releases of the MoGW series, 0rph3u5 also said that most of the ideas and loose storylines would be dealt within his later works, namely in the uncoming "Shard of Infinity" campaign which by now has turned into a continuity of its own - so the game is open again...